Project informationObjectives and Approach

On-job training will be organised by partners experienced in standardized analysis

Phydades partners will offer on-the-job training for laborarory personnel. Technicians who want to be educated in the use of standardised analysis methods will be working for a few weeks or months in one of the laboratories of a Phydades partner. These institutions are primarily national laboratories, universities and private organisations.

The scope of the training is to create a diffuse knowledge in “standardized analysis methods for biofuels” among European countries, using the experience and skills of important scientific centers and laboratories.

The training period will take place in the year 2008.

The training will be carried out in Austria (OFI), in Finland (VTT, ENAS Oy), in Spain (AICIA) and in Sweden (SLU).

For further information, please visit the On-Job-Training section.