Project informationObjectives and Approach

Creation of a database with Internet Interface

The existing Phyllis database at ECN will serve as a framework for this new  BIODAT database. However, it will also but it will be extended with ash compositions. The most important fuels will be wood pellets and agri-pellets. For wood pellets standardisation has been done and this existing knowledge will be incorporated. New standards must come for agri-pellets as these will be the future commodity.

Improvements of the new database will be:

  • removal of unreliable data entries and source of data;
  • information on the analysis methods (only certified methods);
  • new (sub) grouping, according to currently relevant criteria, in particular in the field of pellets and agricultural residues, but also in terms of pre-treatment methods, e.g. torrefaction;
  • entries for ashes with links to a) fuel used and b) installation type;
  • enabling future links to leaching data and utilization options of ashes;
  • references to standardized analysis methods (CEN).

BIODAT will also provide calculation tools, as calculation of averages of subsets, analyses to different bases (as received, dry, ash free), calculation of net calorific value for moist fuels or also a tool to calculate the effect of variable moisture content on the calorific value.