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Phydades action

The Phydades Action, based on the collaboration of a high profile team of experts (all information about consortium are listed under Consortium), wants to collaborate with the main European Actors, for the creation of a mature and developed Biofuels Market.

The Action can be summarised by the following main results

The creation of a public database of biomass fuels and ashes with reliable data that can replace the existing Phyllis database (the database contains over 1000 biomass composition and can be accessed on the internet at The core of the Phyllis database is a merger of several individual databases and  hundreds of entries have been added using literature data. For the majority of the data  it is unknown which analysis procedures have been used and may be unreliable).

Education and training of people who work in Biomass sector in the use of standardised analysis method for biomass fuels and ashes. The education will be given to the target group by four Workshops. The Workshops will be held in the countries  where it is expected that education is more needed. The countries which will host the Workshops will be Estonia, Poland, Spain and Romania (all information about Workshops are listed under "Workshops in Progress and News"). For laboratory personnel, on-the-job training is offered in the laboratories of the Phydades partners