Workshops/Training Events

The organisation of four public Workshops has been a very important phase of the Phydades Action. These events have been organized in New Member States, in order to stimulate the biomass market, the interest of main actors and create a diffuse knowledge on biofuels analysis methods.

Speakers of the event were members of the consortium, CEN standardization experts and local experts.

The presentations covered topics as fuel specification and classes, quality assurance, sampling and most important standards for analysing physical properties e.g. moisture content, particle size distribution, ash content, and mechanical durability of pellets. Several examples of the real solid biofuel end-users from industry (heating plants, power stations, pellet producers) have been presented. Also the use of the new BIODAT database have been advised to the participants.

Material for dissemination

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Highlights of the Events organised by the Phydades Consortium


  • The Estonian Workshop, 24 April 2008

Contact: tparve(at)     

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  •  The Polish Workshop, 15 October 2008

Contact: mhunder(at)     

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  •  The Spanish Workshop, 21 November 2008


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  • The Romanian Workshop, 27 November 2008


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The following presentations, which represent and summarize the main topics of the project, have been given in occasion of the four Workshops: