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The production of solid biofuels increased a lot in all European countries, in the past ten years. New European Members are becoming big exporter/trader of biomass fuels and they will also become big users, soon.
Even if production, technology and Market seem well developed everywhere in Europe, there are still some substantial deficiencies in many countries. A clear example is given by the Baltic countries and Southern European countries where there is still a lack on Normative for production and utilisation together with the lack of standardised analysis method.
Available and precise information on biomass fuels and ashes is a necessary condition for a rapid penetration of biomass as sustainable fuels in all the European Countries.

That's the aim of PHYDADES!

"I learnt a lot of solid biofuel analyses, which I didn´t make in Romania. I saw and I worked with a lot of interesting apparatus and equipment and I met many professional people in Sweden"


"Trough the Phydades on-job training I learnt more about the procurement, handling, and measurements of biomass. In addition, I got plenty of analysis experience in the lab. Even though solid biofuels are quite new in Estonia, the training through Phydades will be very useful for me and my company!"

Mr. Toivo Tomingas after the finnish training declared:

I am working still in the  company  Stora Enso Eesti AS as a specialist of bioresources. We are implementing Phydades project training  experiences into  our every day activities making sample lots for CHP plants from roundwood chips, forest residues chips, bark and sawdust. We are  also doing some control tests  using  the following instructions: determination of bulk density  CEN/TS15103; moisture content CEN/TS 14744; particle size distribution CEN/TS 15149. [...]

I think that this Phydades onjob training project was still very useful to me and to our company as well. Thank You very much for that.

Other comments

Question: "What did you learn during the on-job training? What was good?"

Answer: "I have learned very much about solid biofuel CEN standards and standardization process as well. Very good was the possibility to do practical laboratory work together with professional researchers. Very essential was also to get lot of new materials (knowledge) about supplying and treating biomass and of course to visit VTT bioenergy research centres in Jyväskylä and Espoo."
"I learnt a lot of solid biofuel analyses which I didn´t make in Romania. I saw and I worked with a lot of interesting apparatus and equipment and I met many professional people”

Question: "What subject was missing? What was bad?"

Answer: "Everything was excellent. Especially idea to start in more commercial laboratory in Jyväskylä and finishing in research laboratory in Espoo."

Mr. Toivo Tomingas, Stora Enso Mets AS, Estonia
Mr. Andris Dekšnis, Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute, Latvia