Public Deliverables

Public Deliverables

This section called “Public Deliverables” contains all the documents that will be produced during the Phydades Action. Only the Deliverables that are considered of public use / utility can be downloaded from this area of the webpage.
The list of available Deliverables is destined to be increased, following of consortium’ tasks development.
To download the listed Deliverables, please click on the appropriate icon.

• Deliverable 1: Result - Oriented report. This report provides results achieved by the consurtium of Phydades action.

• Deliverable 3: List of collected and reviewed existing standardized methods. These methods are relevant for the data that will be collected in the BIODAT database. The Deliverable also provides general information about the user interface of the database.

• Deliverable 9: Large set of presentations. Relevant list of presentations is available in five different languages. The documents concern the main arguments of the project.

• Deliverable 13: Summary report WP4. Lab Trainings and workshops explained in detail.

• Deliverable 15:

Phydades leaftlet - A4 size
Phydades postcards - 10x15 cm
Phydades poster - A1 size

• Factsheet

• Action Slides