On-Job-Training (NEW!!)

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Phydades partners offer on-the-job training for laboratory personnel. Laboratory staff, like technicians, who want to be educated in the use of standardised analysis methods can work for 2-4 weeks in one of the laboratories of four Phydades partners. These are established laboratories carrying out solid biofuel analysis.

The scope of the training is to strenghten the knowledge about analysis methods for soilid biofuels “standardised by CEN” in European countries, especially new member states. This is achieved with the experience and skills of important solid biofuel laboratories. The training is mainly addressed to expert laboratory technicians, but a general overview on biomass/biofuels utilisation will be provided during the introduction workshop. 

The training period is 2-4 weeks in autumn 2008 or spring and summer 2009.

The training will be carried out in Austria (OFI), Finland (VTT, ENAS Oy), Spain (AICIA) and Sweden (BELAB). Each host organization will have 2-3 participants for their on-job training period.

  • VTT, Espoo and ENAS Oy, Jyväskylä, Finland: October 2008
  • OFI, Vienna, Austria: February to May 2009
  • BELAB, Norrköping, Sweden: February to May 2009
  • AICIA, Seville, Spain: 19 - 30 January 2009

The structure and content of the training period are described in the table below:


Phase 1 Pre-work by trainee
(before training period)

Each trainee will make:

Short description of the situation of solid biofuel analysis in their countries (list of methods and equipment used)
2) Targets for training (which CEN standards they would like to learn). Pre-work is sent to host organisation and VTT before training starts

                                            <<Starting of the On-Job-Training period>>

Phase 2 – Introduction workshop at host organisation

Introduction to host organisation and CEN standards and presentations of fuel analysis; sampling and physical and chemical analysis
2) Training plan together with trainee. List of which standards will carried out during training period, time schedule for each analysis

Phase 3 – On-job training period in laboratory

Laboratory work together with the professional staff of the host organisation
2) Writing working instructions in own language

Phase 4 – Summary and evaluation

Presentation of other CEN standards
2) Feedback from trainee by filling of the evaluation form

                                               <<After the On-Job-Training period>>

Phase 5 – Working instructions by trainee

Finalising the working instructions in national language by trainee. Instructions are returned to host and VTT
A Diploma which attests the efficient participation of trainee will be given



After the end of the training period, when training requirements are fulfilled, a Diploma attesting the successful participation will be given to participants.

For further information, please click on the appropriate icon and download the flyer with a detailed description of the training or the short presentation of the training.

If you are interest in this opportunity, please download the application documents (application form and CV template) for the on-job training. All instructions for your participation are included.


Please note: Send your completed application form and CV before 15 December 2008 to apply for training in spring and summer 2009. 

The training is free for the selected participants; accommodation and travel cost are paid by participants.