Project informationObjectives and Approach

Description of the work

The Diagram below represents the relations between Work Packages that are part of the Action.

The peculiarity of Phydades Actions is given by the fact that all Work Packages start from the beginning of the Action. This fact is due to the previous and positive experience by Coordinator ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) with the existing Phyllis database ( and by technical partners that are involved in the Action. This instrument Phyllis contains information on the composition of biomass and waste. At present it contains about 2275 data records and it is regularly updated. The Phyllis entry page is the most popular webpage of ECN (except for the home page). Phyllis contains only public data and the use is free of charge.

This Actions is composed by six Work Packages which can be summarised in four main phases:

  1. Definition of screening rules for data collection, and collection of relevant data;
  2. Creation of a database with Internet Interface;
  3. Organisation of  workshops in target Regions;
  4. Organisation of on-job training by partners.